Metamorphic Technique

In the practice of the Metamorphic Technique I am using a light touch on feet, hands and head, while at the same time paying attention to not impose my limited understanding or beliefs I might be holding on the person receiving the session. The founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre, defined the Metamorphic Technique as simply being a practice of a new art of detachment, which means providing the person who comes for a session with an inner environment free of interference and preconceived ideas.


In transformation there is a step beyond; from the caterpillar to the butterfly; from the acorn to the oak; from the sperm and ovum to a human being. From who we are now, with all our personality traits, to what we can be - through who we are.

The energy which is needed to change our reality is to be found within the present facts which we very often try to avoid. This approach is for me not about becoming free from something, but being free for something.


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Your first session

I have learned from Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of this revolutionary approach, that it is useful me mention three things, when you come for the first time to receive a session:


  1. I don’t need to concentrate on what I am going to do so we can speak, you can ask as many questions as you wish, or you can fall asleep.
  2. You realise that what I am going to do is not done with the intention of healing or giving advice to you. At times people look at me with big eyes and ask: "What am I here for then?". If I wanted to help you I could use kinetic energy by putting pressure on certain parts of the body – reflexologists put pressure on the feet for example. Or I could see myself as a healer using energy to flow through me to you but the energy that I may use is limited because my body is limited. And compared to the power of life within you my energy is nothing. If I wanted to help you I would need knowledge, understanding, insight and intuition but all that is funneled through my mind which is very limited. It is clear to me that the power of life within you, guided by your own innate intelligence, can do a much greater, deeper and more appropriate work than the one done from the standpoint of my limitations of energy and mind.
  3. There is need for the seed to go into the earth in order to transform into a planet. You are like a seed, I am like the earth and the contact here is done through my fingers that are going to touch very lightly your feet, hands and head.
    I then invite you to sit or lie on my sofa and start a session. I used to have a massage table but I got rid of it as it was introducing too much of a therapeutic approach while giving a session of the Metamorphic Technique which isn't a therapy but one could say a new kind of ritual.


Has this work something to do with a specific Religion or is there any belief involved?

When taking a session it does not make any difference if you have a religious background or not, as this work is not connected to any belief system.

(Personally I think that holding a belief is not a problem as long as the belief is not holding you. I only mention this here so that you can get a picture of my current thinking.)


Find out more about the Metamorphic Technique and visit the Website of the Metamorphic Association, an UK-based educational charitable Trust founded in 1979.


About the Metamorphic Technique
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What does the Metamorphic Technique consist of?
Presentation by Christian Hack at the MA's Annual Gathering in Dublin, published in the Metamorphic Association's Magazine No. 61
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